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Onions made our cat cry

Emmie Cat loves to jump up on top of the kitchen cabinets to sleep, watch us or escape from the kids. She was up there today as I was preparing lunch. I was making spaghetti bolognese.

Chopping up the onions made me cry. Those onions were strong! I glanced up at Emmie between my tears and saw what you will see in the videos below.

Poor Emmie.

Soon after we finished our two videos she decided her favorite spot was not so wonderful after all. She jumped down and went to her second favorite spot in the apartment to sleep. I found her hiding in her room as my kids like to call it.  It is a walk-in closest where her litter box is kept. She was hiding behind her fortress (two suitcases stored on the very top shelf).

Her eyes were fine.  :)

Have been super busy with laundry the last two days.  The dryer in our building isn’t working very well.  It is a nightmare for me to wash a week’s worth of clothes and not be able to dry them in the dryer.  After trying to dry towels for over four hours I gave up and pulled them all out to dry up in our apartment on the radiators.  I have had clothes drying all over my apartment radiators and various chairs for two days!

Spaghetti Bolognese Recipe – I will try this recipe next time. It looks yummy.

At the end of the video Vilay forgot to stop the camera from filming.  You will see a quick swipe of our kitchen floor as I ask him if he pushed the button again to stop the video.  You will, also, see Emmie’s dishes and some sleds.  We have no room in our apartment for all the winter gear.  So our kitchen has become the storage area for the two bags full of hats, scarves, gloves, snow pants as well as the sleds.  I will have to put up a picture of that organized mess for you all to see.  My husband hates it but there is really no other place for it all that really works.  Plus, the radiators are right there for all those wet gloves, hats and scarves after the kids come back in from playing out in the snow!  Oh, that is when I don’t have the radiators covered with our clothes.   hehehe.

It was cute that in this video Emmie tries to back away from the edge of the cabinet as if that is really going to help. I am not kidding about how strong those onions were!!!

Now I am off to finish taming my laundry monster…………

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