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Our first Easter in Switzerland

Sweet Bear's school projects

Sweet Bear made this chick at school out of paper plates. The neck is a red sock with a hole cut out for her thumb. It is adorable!

Sweet Bear's school projects

She, also, made this Easter basket. The kids left the baskets out the day before for the Easter Bunny. The next day of school, the kids had to search the classroom for the baskets the Easter Rabbit had hidden. Each basket had been filled with an Easter surprise.

We colored eggs!

We colored eggs together and then polished them off with an oil to make them shine.

Easter weekend

One of the kids Easter basket. I thought that the metal eggs were adorable. They were filled with sugar beans. I have to admit that I much prefer jelly beans like we have back in the States.

Easter weekend

The girls won two big chocolate Easter Bunnies at the egg hunt in our village. They drew winning pieces of paper out of a basket. Boy Blue wasn’t as lucky. At two and a half, he didn’t care that his paper had, “Tu as perdu…(translation: You have lost)” written on it. He had a blast folding it and unfolding it.

The kids searched in the snow up to my knees for eggs that were placed in obvious places. It was for kids up to five only.

When a kid wasn’t looking the organizers would pull out an egg from their pocket and hide it on top of the snow. Afterwards, they would say loudly that they thought they saw an egg just near a bench, tree or wherever it was they placed it.

If a small child had not found an egg, an organizer would drop one into their basket. Boy Blue only found one because it was such a chore for him to wade through the snow.

It was all good fun. And, we enjoyed ourselves plenty.

Snow monter

The snow on top was too dusty to make a snowman and the snow underneath was too cold breaking apart too easily. We improvised and pushed the snow all up into a mound to make a confused looking snow monster.

Easter weekend

The train runs regardless of the snow. It is equipped with snow plows on both ends.

Easter weekend

The kids carry around huge snow balls everywhere with them. Petite Clown even tried to carry this one into the grocery with her. They love the snow!

Easter weekend

Sweet Bear getting ready to make her father pay for hitting her in the head with a snow ball. She has a good arm!

Snowball in flight

My husband threw a snow ball at me. You can see it in mid-air flying straight at the camera. As I ducked to get out of the way, the camera clicked. He did manage to hit me with it. :)

Easter weekend

The snow is still falling. It has snowed for four days like in the photo of me shown above or harder.

Easter weekend

Here is a photo of it snowing pretty hard. The visibility is low during these times.

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