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Our nightly walk in photos

It is getting warmer even if we are still buried in snow. The snow is wetter and heavy. I think it may be slowly melting all the way through. While I don’t think it will melt away in a few days, I do think that most of the snow will be gone in a month as long as it doesn’t snow again.  The huge mountains of snow that are piled here and there will take even longer.

Train of the Jura

The train passed us as we left the village.

Swiss farm under snow

I think this farm is pretty but it is absolutely beautiful under the snow.

The kids running ahead

My son will finally run ahead with his sisters and not hold onto my hand the entire time. He is growing out of my baby and into my boy.

I love the reflection of my six year old daughter in the puddle.  


The setting sun was incredible with the silhouette of the village church.

Tree with the sun setting behind

When it is warm I will come here and sit on this bench with my children. The view is the best in the village.

Sunset in the Jura

Another shot of the sunset.

Sun falling off of the rooftop of a Swiss house

In this photo, you can see the snow falling off the side of the rooftop. It is getting a little dangerous in our village because of the number of rooftops that have deep snow with ice underneath falling onto whatever and whoever is below.  So far, I haven’t heard of anyone getting hurt.

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  • expatraveler March 15, 2009, 2:20 am

    This is so beautiful and I think it is so wonderful that you take a nightly walk. I’m so jealous of that and what a great area to just adore your surroundings in.

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