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Our roadtrip through Switzerland

Lake Annecy France

Lake Annecy in Annecy, France

We didn’t visit in the old center of Annecy. We really just took a big walk around the lake. I really want to go back in the summer. I think Annecy must be one of the most beautiful cities in the world in the summer. We are planning on taking Angel Girl this summer and leaving Sweet Bear and Petite Clown at their grandparents house. The two littlest girls would much rather play in the backyard of my inlaws than drive to Annecy and back in the car. They are great in the car considering their age but it is really hard on them. They were out when we got back to Strasbourg. We just carried them straight from the car to bed.

After our walk, we decided to drive to Geneva. I don’t recommend Geneva unless you have alot of time to deal with the traffic and find a place to park which is no easy task. We gave up and left driving towards Nyon. I think Geneva is for work and not really for tourism or resting after a long drive.

Nyon Switzerland

Nyon, Switzerland

Nyon Switzerland

Another view of Nyon, Switzerland

Nyon Switzerland

All of the fountains in Nyon were decorated for Easter. The girls were delighted to find one after another during our search for a place to rest and eat after a long drive. I found the explanation on an interesting website, Swissworld.org, explaining Easter traditions in Switzerland.

In Nyon, near Geneva, the town’s fountains are decorated with flowers, ribbons and eggs – in line with an old German tradition of celebrating the melting of the snows and the return of water to the fountains.

The girls, also, enjoyed Easter Bunny cookies. There were many playgrounds and public restrooms in Nyon making it a city that is family friendly.

Nyon Switzerland

Nyon Castle

Nyon Switzerland

Nyon Switzerland

Nyon was founded by the Romans between 50 and 44 BC. Nyon has a Roman Museum which we were not able to visit due to time restraints.

Neuchâtel Switzerland

We made another stop in Neuchâtel, Switzerland to rest and stretch our legs. The girls and I were walking along the lake which is breathtaking when we met a little girl speaking to me in French. We were traveling through the French part of Switzerland. I understood her and asked her where her mother was in French. She told me she didn’t know. I walked down to a group of three women and their children thinking that she belonged to them. No, they had no clue who she was. Finally, after starting back to get my husband to help me either find her parents or take her to the police, her mother and father came walking towards us. The look on her mother’s face was clear…relief that she had found her daughter and the fear that her little stinker was gone slipping away. Her daughter had wondered from her sister on the way back home. The sister is who she kept asking for over and over. They lived just near the lake which must be wonderful. The mother heard my accent when I spoke French and started speaking to me in English with no accent…meaning she had an American accent. I didn’t ask her if she were American. Under the circumstances it really wasn’t important. During our drive back through Switzerland I heard many people speaking English with American or English accents. It is was like being in Alsace.

Neuchâtel Switzerland

Street in Neuchâtel, Switzerland

Neuchâtel Switzerland

Another view of the same street in Neuchâtel, Switzerland

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  • cj April 13, 2006, 6:38 pm

    Beautiful pictures! I am very jelous of your trip.

  • Pam April 13, 2006, 7:05 pm

    Fabulous photos! I especially like the ones with the Chinaman and swans…so sweet!

  • Julie April 14, 2006, 1:59 am

    Your kids get cuter by the day. They already look so much older than when you first started blogging. Its great seeing how little kids grow up and change, watching them become whoever they are going to become. The china man pic is so cute.

  • peepfrench April 14, 2006, 7:52 am

    You took some great shots, Pumpkin! I also like the one of the girls with the Chinaman. Your two little stinkers are adorable!

  • Pumpkin April 14, 2006, 1:16 pm

    It is hard to take a bad picture of such a beautiful place and we had such a nice time on the way back. I really like the French part of Switzerland. Understanding the language doesn’t hurt either :)

    Julie, You are so right about the kids getting bigger. I think you have been reading my blog since about a month after I started it. So, you really have watched them growing bigger over the last 6 or 7 months. I have been blogging for seven months as of today! It just dawned on me because of your comment! It went fast.

    Peepfrench, And, boy, are they stinkers!!!

  • Tongue in Cheek April 15, 2006, 7:53 am

    thank you for taking us along, great images of this beautiful place!

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