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Overwhelmingly impressive is all I can say about the Cathedral of Strasbourg

The Cathedral of Strasbourg is awe inspiring. To think it took six centuries to complete. A span of at least seven or eight life times. A man that began working on the Cathedral never saw the completion and neither did his grandson or grandson’s son. Crazy, when you really think about it. The Cathedral is literally covered in art. Statues and cravings are arranged throughout the structure. The first time I saw the Cathedral I felt power. Power that men could build such a structure and power that it has remained forming an entire city around it. While walking around or inside the Cathedral of Strasbourg it is not uncommon to hear people speaking several languages. From the beginning people all over the world have been drawn to the Cathedral. Even Victor Hugo is listed as a visitor!Victor Hugo’s impression of the Cathedral : “The church portals are beautiful, particularly the Roman portal; there are truly superb figures on horseback, the rose-window is noble and well-cut, the entire front of the church is a clever poem. But the true triumph of this Cathedral is the spire. It is a veritable tiara of stone with its crown and its cross. It is a gigantic and delicate marvel. I have seen Chartres, I have seen Anvers, but I needed to see Strasbourg… From the belfry, the view is wonderful. Strasbourg lays at your feet, the old city of dentiled triangular roof tops and gable windows, interrupted by towers and churches as picturesque as those of any city in Flanders. Personally, I would go from one turret to another, admiring one by one, the view of France, Switzerland and Germany via one ray of sunshine.” Well said, Mr. Hugo! The climb up the stairs is not an easy climb but you will be sorry if you miss it! Just take your time enjoying the view on the way up. Please visit this link to find out more about the Cathedral and city of Strasbourg. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Strasbourg

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