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Cleaning and rearranging

I have spent the day doing laundry, deep cleaning the kids rooms and trying like heck to keep up on the rest of the day. We bought a new piece of furniture from a good friend that has made it possible to finally get the kids books organized. Before, the books were stacked into plastic crates behind our couch. I will take some pics tomorrow of the new arrangement.

Right this moment…I am cooking dinner, finishing up the last of the laundry and thinking about hog tying three overly-energetic children.  Way too tired to do much of anything else.  7 A.M. laundry calls kinda do that to even the best of us.

Images below are two of my son’s school crafts. Both are in his bedroom as decorations.


After the rain it was indeed a White Christmas

Just before Christmas weekend, we had rain. Rain that melted a good part of the snow that covered the village. Then, it started snowing right before Christmas. It snowed and snowed and snowed.

We had a very white Christmas.
It was perfect.

Today, I am cooking a small meal for Christmas. A good friend is coming over to eat with us.

I am looking forward to a nice day full of warm conversation.

Happy Holidays!!!

Large snowplows clear the roads all night and day long. Mini-snowplows clear the sidewalks during the day. It is a lot of work keeping up with all the snow we have been getting. Thankfully, the Swiss are masters at it!

I love these mountains with or without snow.

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One minute my son is watching t.v.
The next, he is fast asleep half hanging off of the couch.

No wonder.
Considering how hard he had played that day.

I only wish I had taken a photo of all the funny positions my kids have fallen asleep in.

My children are tired.
It is good that they have a two week Christmas break to rest up.


Straying and returning

I strayed over to social media websites.

I found nothing special.

I returned to blogging.

Because…Well…blogging is social media in the most pure form….NO?

I think so.

I, also, think that bloggers that were drawn into sharing their voice with social media sites will find that it is best to share from home.  

Home being your blog.  

You, then,  post the URL of your post onto all those other “social media” sites.

Why sell yourself out?  Your voice belongs to you…Doesn’t it?

Thought so!

My second oldest daughter wants to sing professionally (just as her oldest sister did).  Funny how my very bad singing can influence my children to aspire to higher hopes.  :)

I told my daughter, M (age 8), that if she can sing gospel she can sing anything.

This has always been one of my favorites…. :)
Enjoy. This guy is great with his ukulele.

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Last Friday equaled snow heaven

Sorry to see all this wonderful white snow melting not unlike the wicked witch of Oz.
“I’m melting…..I’m melting…..”

Snow pictures from this last Friday.

This little girl made me laugh so hard! She is awesome!!! That second video with her laugh….Classic.



…By the incredible kindness of others.

…By the fact that there are people that just give and give and give from the heart.

For my children, it is happiness all wrapped up in magic.
For myself, it makes me believe in Christmas all over again.

So many people have touched my family with their kindness, generosity and love.

Many of which are right now reading this blog.
Thank you all for being here with us even if you have never left a comment.
Thank you for visiting and sharing in all that is my life.

I would like to wish a Happy Holiday to all of you and yours.


Silently angry

I feel this silent anger sitting inside me. It is always there.  It will at times escape in a not so silent furry.  Afterwards, I shamefully shove those feelings back down into a dark place where I was taught those feelings belong.

For years, I guarded words inside me that I should have let out. Those words are coming out more and more in ways that I am mostly not proud of.

A need is there.

A need to talk about the anger.  Or, at the very least to write out the feelings that I have let sit deep inside me for too long.  Feelings hidden away so that I can go on lying to myself.

Those feelings lie inside me silently for a week, a month and sometimes even a year until they break out in a rage of emotion I find harder and harder to control.

I have decided to slowly let those feelings out in small healthy doses. Otherwise, I am afraid my life will always be haunted by a silent anger and the pain that goes with it.


Paper snowflakes

We cut out paper snowflakes to decorate our kitchen and living room windows. I am super impressed with the result. It is very festive. We even had a neighbor tell my kids how much she liked to look at our kitchen window first thing in the morning. It makes her happy.

Oh. And.
It is always nice when you answer your door with your fly open!


Kinda weird that I am not even sure if people even do the NOT! thing in the U.S. anymore.

I fail. :D



We took a walk in the woods at the top of our village. It wasn’t a hard walk even if it was in the snow. I needed it to clear my head from the last week.

It is decided that I will take in a few children to watch. This way I can still stay home with my children and in the end I think we will come out with more money than if I worked outside of my home. We won’t have the cost of daycare or transport. We will be able to buy a car which will allow my husband to continue his watchmaking school. We were worried sick about how he would make it from his new job (starting in Feb.) to his night class in time. Now, we are moving ahead, again.

It feels right.



that I can’t really write what is on my mind.  Here.


When it is cold outside…

We make peanut butter cookies…

Paper airplanes…

Mop the floor…

Really well…

Blow up balloons…

Listen to the hissing balloons…

We smile…A lot.

We didn’t get out to take pictures of the snow. Now, it is raining. For the moment, we are more or less skating around the village rather than walking. I look forward to more snow.


Saint Nicholas visited my children

Saint Nicholas visited today. He came with his donkey laden with baskets full of treats (bags full of peanuts, candies, chocolate and clementines). My children ran ahead to greet him. Vilay (camera in hand) caught up with them soon after.

My children were very happy, indeed.

Nicholas – Who is St. Nicholas?
The origin of Santa Claus

My children running to great St. Nicholas.

Saint Nicholas with his donkey laden with gifts for the children.

My children adored the donkey!

Their bags full of goodies.


Snow blanket

It has been snowing here for most of the day.
It is beautiful.

Bulldozers are out clearing the roads and mini-bulldozers are out clearing the sidewalks.

The snow falls silently and faithfully.

It is like we are covered in a snow blanket.

No pics for the moment.
I will try to get out and get some tomorrow.

Alton Brown’s French Onion Soup Recipe – What we are eating for dinner tonight!


Baking homemade bread

…To keep away the cold.

Bread recipe to come since I used a couple different sources for it.

Just so good you can’t stop eating it Cinnamon raison bread recipe (click for recipe)


All white

We took a walk around our personal winter wonderland. I don’t think I can ever get used to the beauty that lies right at my feet. The Jura is simply breathtaking. Even after three and a half years of living here, I still have to pinch myself to be sure that I am not dreaming.

Some of the photos from our walk…
Mouse over the images to read each photos title.
Click on any image to see it larger.

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving (if you celebrate it) and a wonderful weekend!!!!!!

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