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Parent Meeting at school

Last night I sat through my first parents meeting in Switzerland with my five year old daughter’s two wonderful teachers. I am totally impressed with her school.

All the parents sat together in a circle as the teachers explained what the children were doing in school. Each parent was given a book with their child’s work inside.

The children have been learning about the five senses. I was tickled pink when I saw Sweet Bear had written her own name on the back of some of the pages. One of her teachers (she has two) explained that she uses a card with her name printed on it as a visual aid.

What my daughter is doing at her Swiss school

The cover of her book, Mon Corps (My Body). She drew a picture of herself. It is very bright and happy and of course she has pink hair!

What my daughter is doing at her Swiss school

Here is the second page which has a photo of Sweet Bear on the top which I have edited out.

Translation: I am five years old. My eyes are blue and green. My hair is brown.

Her teacher asked her to finish the sentences. I think it is cute that she told her teacher that she has blue and green eyes. It is true that her eyes are a mixture of both like my father and my brother.

What my daughter is doing at her Swiss school

I happened to be at the school for Sweet Bear’s birthday party when Sweet Bear’s teacher sat with her asking her the questions to fill out this page. It was cute because it took Sweet Bear forever to answer each question. I saw that she is the type of student that takes her time to think out her answers. She doesn’t just blurt out the first thing that pops into her head.

Her answers were:

I like to touch leaves because they tickle. I like to see butterflies. I like to smell cake. I like to listen to singing birds. I like to taste bananas.

What my daughter is doing at her Swiss school

The teacher traced her hand which she colored. Sweet Bear wrote MA MAIN (my hand) on the top of the page. The teacher explained to me that the students learn to write in uppercase letters first and only when they start elementary school do they learn to write in lowercase.

I went by myself since one of us had to stay with the children. I understood everything that the teachers said even if I didn’t always understand word for word. Everyone was speaking quickly but it was OK.

I was proud of myself!

The teachers asked each parent to write a private message to their child which would be read in class as a surprise. We, also, made hats for our child’s head. Each child had made a life size outline of their head. I think the children will be very happy to find that their mothers and fathers have written secret messages for them and made hats for their heads!

I was able to write my message to Sweet Bear all by myself. I wrote: “Je suis tres fière de toi.” (I am very proud of you.) One of her teachers had offered to help me thinking I couldn’t write in French. When she came to me to tell me she could help me I had already finished it. I can write in French but it isn’t easy. However, simple sentences like this are not a problem.

I think it was better that I went instead of Vilay. My French is high enough to interact with Sweet Bear’s school and the other parents.

Je suis tres content.

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  • Danielle November 7, 2007, 2:25 pm

    That is so cool… Thanks for the insight on the educational system. I learned something too (I never learned the names of each finger in French, just “les doigts.”) Moi, mes yeux, ils sont bleus et verts aussi… Green with a dark blue rim.

  • Pumpkin November 7, 2007, 3:01 pm

    Hi, Danielle! I have to admit I only knew le pouce and l’index from living in a francophone environment. My girls say ma pouce all the time talking about their thumb but now I know that they should be saying mon pouce instead. :)

  • Torun November 7, 2007, 8:10 pm

    I learned the fingers in French from toiling my way through an 18th century tutor on how to play the transverse flute. I had to do it for my studies of Early Music. What a perfectly dorky way to learn the fingers in French…..

    How nice that you make such a good effort to get by in French! I’m glad you had the upper hand when they thought you couldn’t manage! ;-)

  • expatraveler November 7, 2007, 10:17 pm

    I think that is so awesome! I’m proud of you for going!

    You seem to be at a very high french level! I miss thinking that way for sure. But I think in Switzerland it was always pretty easy to understand.

    It’s hard to imagine it was just 3.5 years ago that I was still speaking that way!

    thanks for sharing it all!

  • Pumpkin November 8, 2007, 9:38 am

    It doesn’t matter how you learn as long as you learn! That is cool that you know how to play the flute. I can’t play any musical instrument and it always made me a little sad I didn’t learn.

    My French is getting better and better every day. I really need to sit down after the kids are asleep and study. If I teach myself to write in French then I know I will be able to speak without any problems…well, except for my accent! At least everyone thinks my accent is pretty. :)

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