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Personal issues

I am having some personal problems and have decided to stop blogging for a while.

I don’t know if it will be a week or month. But, right this moment I want to concentrate on myself and my children.

There are lots of great blogs by fab people out there about France and other countries. There is the expat bag on the right sidebar of my blog that will take you to a directory full of them.

Just read each blog with the knowledge that it is their life from their eyes and another person in the exact same situation may find it totally different. It is the person who usually makes the situation good or bad. I understand that is not true always but like I said, usually.

I will be back and hopefully with a lighter heart.
I was reading my sidebar and this is me now:

“And sometimes….the canoe does turn over and you must get back in and dry off or just sit there wet and soggy.”

I am drying off.

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