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Photohunt: original

Strasbourg France

Photo taken in Strasbourg, France of a Dali image in February of this year. I keep my camera with me at all times because you never know what you will find no matter where you are. When I do forget it more times than not I regret it.

Luckily, I had my camera with me the day we were walking down this particular street when I saw this face on the side of a building. I thought it was a very original and cleaver kind of graffiti.

Wall with graffiti

Here’s another bit of graffti in Strasbourg that I thought was original.

Freiburg Germany Feb 2007

Here is a picture of a sign that I took in Freiburg, Germany. I had to chuckle at this one.

 photohunt original


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  • Baldwin's Girl September 29, 2007, 7:43 am

    LOVE the Dali graffiti! That is awesome!

  • zsolt72 September 29, 2007, 7:48 am

    Usually I dont like graffities but some of them are really creative.

    Me and my crazy mind

  • bonggamom September 29, 2007, 8:30 am

    It’s hard to classify the Dali sketch as graffiti, it was so neat and so cleverly done!

  • Dragonheart September 29, 2007, 1:27 pm

    Interesting examples of graffiti! The first one is lovely! All of those are certainly original!

    My original photo.

  • mar September 29, 2007, 1:52 pm

    Great choices for the theme! Love the Dali image :)
    Happy hunting!

  • fleur September 29, 2007, 2:00 pm

    Agree the Dali one is just fabulous.
    Once I ordered stuff from the Dali museum in the U.S. and they had to call. The phone rang and I saw “Salvador Dali” on the caller ID display — that gave me quite a smile! I left it on my call log for a long time.

  • carver September 29, 2007, 2:34 pm

    Those are wonderful photographs and very original sites.

  • liza September 29, 2007, 2:50 pm

    I love the 2nd photo its really neat graffiti. and the 3rd one is silly..great entrythis week!

  • Heather September 29, 2007, 3:11 pm

    These are lovely original works. :)

  • And Miles To Go... September 29, 2007, 3:57 pm

    beautiful images you captured.

  • captain lifecruiser September 29, 2007, 6:57 pm

    Oh, very original idea to put Dali up there on the wall in that way! Loved it :-)

    Graffiti can be fun, beautiful and sometimes annoying – if it’s done in the wrong place destrouing something beautiful :-)

  • cindy September 29, 2007, 7:40 pm

    Those are some very original drawing and artwork. I really enjoyed your choices for original.

  • expatraveler September 29, 2007, 8:26 pm

    nice finds for this hunt, definitely so original!!!!

  • Nita September 29, 2007, 8:29 pm

    Beautiful photos! Mine is up too. Hope you can visit me. Have a great week.

  • Andrée September 30, 2007, 2:07 am

    The Dali is great! They let you use camera in a museum? That’s marvelous; they confiscate them at many museums. I enjoyed the street sign, too. It’d done very well.

  • Pumpkin September 30, 2007, 10:54 am

    It was an image of Dali that was on the side of a building in a street located in Strasbourg, France. It was spray painted and located like he was peaking around at you as you walked down the street. :)

  • Lisa September 30, 2007, 8:38 pm

    I enjoyed all your photos afater the photohunt, too. The grafitti is always an original. Keeping a camera handy is a good idea. :)

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