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Poor baby trees

Strasbourg tree cutting

Strasbourg tree cutting

strasbourg tree cutting

We were in Strasbourg last week and on these streets near the U.S. Consulate, the workers were cutting the limbs on the trees. I still think the trees look strange cut so that they form balls on the ends of the branches.

Last year, Sweet Bear would say over and over, “Poor baby tees…tey hurt.” Last week, as soon as she saw these trees getting cut, she stuck out her bottom lip and made sad eyes. “Look, Mama. Poor trees. They cut them. They are hurting the trees.” Her English is getting much better.

She had trouble recently forming sentences instead of just saying little words. She would get frustrated easily and give up. I have been repeating everything with her and having her repeat back to me. Her confidence is growing and she is not afraid to talk now when before I could see she was timid.

For the moment, she speaks French sentences a little better. It seems to go back and forth between the two languages. One month it’s English and the next French. It’s interesting.

Petite Clown almost spoke entirely in French but now she is starting to speak as much in English as French. I was beginning to worry she wouldn’t be as good in English as Sweet Bear. I guess they just learn differently or she is benefiting from Sweet Bears lessons, too.

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