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Bathroom Doors
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While living in America my French husband hated the famous America public restrooms. “You have no privacy and everyone can see your feet!” I must agree with him. American public restroom stalls do not allow for any privacy while you are doing what I consider a very private matter. American public restroom stalls have the top and bottom of the door cut out while in France and all of Europe, I believe, have the door closing from the top to the bottom.
The first time I used a public restroom in France I was in heaven. It was the first time I was not worried about everyone whether others were listening or looking at my feet. It was liberating!
Are all public restrooms in France so private? Nope! I visited a restroom while in Paris that was actually a small room just for me. Good? No. There was a man standing just outside the door with at least ten other people behind him and because of that I could do nothing! It is mental. No problem. Two other public restrooms I encountered, while vacationing in France six years ago, were in fact more public than I will ever become accustomed to. These restrooms were unisex restrooms. The urinal for the men had western salon type doors. Having just finished washing Angel Girls and my hands a man walked in and went through the “salon doors” to stand with great confidence doing his business. This man was peeing with my three year old daughter and myself standing not 6 feet away from him and we all know that salon doors are not so large really! Needless to say hands were not dry when we left the restroom. Boy was my three year old surprised and giggly over that experience! I have not seen any unisex restrooms since moving here to France. I do not know if it is just typical for the area I was visiting which was near Paris or if these type of restrooms are scattered all over France. I personally think it was an isolated case.

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