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Sweet Bear looked up at me with her big blue eyes. She had her eyebrows all squished together in concentration trying to figure out what I had just told her. She had been tuning me out up until she heard ice cream.franglais

“Quoiat?”, she implored with urgency.

Luckily, I have become an expert in Franglais and immediately understood ‘quoiat’ she meant to ask was what.

quoi + what = quoiat

*Quoi is what in French.

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  • Mom April 2, 2008, 4:07 pm

    I think sweetbear is doing great with her words . It takes a smart little girl to learn English and French at such a little age , my hat off to her . lol she is smart , Im proud off her , if she did’nt speak in English , then we could not talk to each other. I love you sweetbear Mammal

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