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I can hear the rain falling on the house as it has been for the second day.  It rained most of yesterday and will rain until Saturday.  I don’t mind.  I like the rain. 

Next week will warm up just in time for Halloween.  I think I am more excited about Halloween than the kids.  The houses on my father’s street are decked out in decoration.  I love trick-or-treating in my father’s neighborhood because of all the trees which line the streets.  It makes it a little spookier.  Sweet Bear will be a witch, Petite Clown will be a devil and Boy Blue is wearing the same clown costume that all his sisters have worn.  In France, we did try to celebrate Halloween the first year there and the kids dressed up for carnival each year. 

I have to go now and get dressed for the drive to Cincinatti.  Vilay is getting his biometrics done today.  I am happy that everything is moving faster and I am working so that I am kept busy.  I have so much to post about.  Yet, each time I sit down to the computer I don’t have time to make a decent post.  I will start posting even if I don’t have time to spell check or read things over to catch errors.  The important thing is thtat I am posting. 

O.K.  Here I go…into the rainy morning!  Have a great day everyone.

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  • Maria October 27, 2006, 3:05 pm

    Keeping busy is a good thing. I hope that everybody enjoys halloween including Vilay!

    Have a good day you too.

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