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Random rambling

I have fixed the issue with the blogs. Fantastico was throwing extra code into the WordPress configuration file. I found the answer on the WordPress forum. Once Bluehost got back with me telling me where to go to fix it I was all set. It took about five minutes tops. I really do love WordPress and I love Bluehost. I did think about going with Typepad during this whole mess because it would be a no brainer. However, I like learning about coding, ftp and geeky computer stuff. I enjoy figuring out what makes a website work.

Bluehost pointed me to some tutorials that I am going to go through. I know Vilay and I have extra files in our database and need to clean it all out. I am afraid to do it without learning some stuff first.

I am not the only one that learned something from the WordPress update going wrong. Vilay learned a lesson something during all of this, too.

He learned to listen to his intelligent wife.

I told him to leave his blog alone and I would fix it. Did he?


He went through the whole first page of his blog fixing all the funky letters. Ha! After I fixed the WP file he had to go back and re-fix everything that he had fixed! Talk about wasting time. He still has some issues with his recent comments widget but I’ll get to that tomorrow.

That is all I have been up to today. I have updated some more computer programs (I think we are good to go, now). I have cleaned the apartment. It is an on going battle to keep this apartment clean with the kids. Sweet Bear and I are baking a pineapple cobbler. It smells like heaven.

It has been a normal and quiet day. It rained hard this morning for a short time, but the kids stayed out for several hours playing. They are happy here. I feel like Switzerland is safe for kids. I am not sure of statistics or anything. It is a feeling. It is so calm where we live and everyone knows everyone. I think that is why.

Vilay just took Boy Blue and Sweet Bear on a walk. I am staying home to watch the cobbler bake and a sleeping Petite Clown. She is tuckered out from playing so hard.

I am happy to be back online. Last week, I was wondering what people did before diapers. I can figure it out. However, I was interested in the history of diapers. I know it is silly. I am like that. I will think of some random question and I want the answer NOW. I wasn’t happy that I couldn’t go online and Google it. I still haven’t had time to.

The point is we use the Internet as a resource for learning as well as for about every other thing. The Internet is apart of our lives. I can’t imagine not having it. I know my life would not end. However, I think the Internet makes it richer due to the knowledge that lies waiting at my finger tips and the people that I been touched by. I am not even talking about the fact that I can see my family in the States on a web-cam while talking to them online. For. Free.

The Internet drives you around the world.

I love the Internet.

O.k. I am done rambling. Everyone have a great night. I will post the cobbler recipe tomorrow. It is fast and simple. My kids would rather eat a cobbler than just about any other treat.

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