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Reflecting on my son


A facebook update I made today:

“Scary when my four year old son figures out how to turn the cordless mouse off and laughs like mad while I am trying to figure out why the computer is frozen up….BRAT!”

He is growing up so fast and he doesn’t miss anything.  His speach (French and English) is improving with his confidence in using the two languages.  He is so bright and so generous.  I have no doubt he will grow into a good man.

Only a half hour ago he told me he was going to build his own home one day.  Afterwards, he told me he was going to build each one of his sisters a home as well.  He is always (I mean always) thinking of his sisters as if he is more a big brother than the baby of the family.

His sisters will take advantage of his generosity by asking for a piece of his candy even if they just ate all of their own candy two seconds before.  He will give them his very last piece without even thinking about it.  He holds it out with a huge smile because it makes him so happy to see them happy.  I wish his two older sisters would learn from their little brother because currently they would never do the same for him.

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  • expatraveler November 25, 2009, 5:12 am

    I guess there are certain things you learn as the certain sibling. I’m sure the girls have something valuable to take with them as well…

    He is a brat, but that is pretty funny about your mouse!

  • anne November 26, 2009, 9:21 pm

    Such a wonderful, caring little boy, reminds me of my grandsons ..ages 6 and 4….always helping out, the 6 year old has no siblings but the 4 year old , might fight with his little sister but he is very sharing with her too, much more than I can say for her…but she is getting better :-)

    Love the “MOUSE” story…cheeky chappy…:-)

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