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Saturday outing

We took the train to La Chaux-de-fond to buy Sweet Bear and Petite Clown some shoes. Afterwards, we took advantage of our all day tickets. When taking the train it is generally cheaper to buy the all day tickets rather than the round trip tickets.

The all day tickets allow us to go anywhere in the Jura canton by train or bus for the entire day. So, we went to Saignelégier for the Marché Bio (Organic Market). Every year on a September weekend the organic producers of the Franches Montagnes present their goods in La Halle du Marché-Concours National de chevaux (market hall) of Saignelégier.

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Chant du Gros in Noirmont, Switzerland
While switching trains in Le Noirmont we saw people camped out for the Chant du Gros Festival. It’s the last open-air music festival of the season in Switzerland.

Train goes right through the city roads like a tram...very cool
This photo was taken in La Chaux-de-fond where the train goes right through the city streets like a tram. It is very cool.

After we were done shopping we got back on the train and ended up in Saignelégier to explore the Organic Market. The donkeys were the first to greet us at the entrance of the Organic Market in Saignelégier.

Waves in the sky
There were several of these at the entrance for decoration. I couldn’t resist the photo opportunity.
Organic Market
This is the market hall where many of the organic items were displayed.

Organic trash cans for recycling   :)
Several of these trash collectors were all around the market.

Organic Market
An example of what was sold.

Hanging around
Hanging onions and garlic.

Items for sale at the Organic Market
Woven goods.

Organically Colorful
Colorful yarn.

I see your drawer!
This artistic item reminded me of our discovery in the forest during a weekend walk. We found a tree stump with a drawer inside along with a riddle.

Organic Market
I loved the fall decorations!

Organic Market
Sheep were hanging everywhere. The decorations were beautifully done.

All that Jazz
These guys walked around livening up things a bit. At one point there was a woman on stilts leading the way. The kids had a blast!

The atmosphere
Food was everywhere!

A campfire at the organic market to relax around
There was a campfire for everyone to rest around.

Making a HUGE pot of soup
This man was putting water into that huge black pot to make soup which would be served at 6 p.m.

Wool bikinis?
A wool bikini?!? No comment!

Sheep shearing

Sheep shearing
Not long after this picture was taken this sheep laid on it’s back while it’s belly was sheared. Vilay heard the man telling the audience that the sheep was over 100 kilos and not easy to hold.

Saying hello! One of the sheep in the neighboring pen kept sticking his head through the barrier to touch noses with the other sheep.

He looked scary but was gentle.

Counting sheep
There were several decorations hanging from the ceilings throughout the organic market. This years (2007) theme was sheep.
Before we left the market we let the girls play on stacks of hay that were set out for kids to play on or tired parents to sit. We even saw a room for counting sheep inside the Market Hall. A movie showing pictures of sheep was playing on a screen ready for counting while you rested up from all the Organic Market fun. It was an adorable idea.

If you would like to read Vilay’s take on our family outing in French click here.

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  • Cathy Y. September 16, 2007, 3:21 pm

    Wow! Looks like a great place and a fun day!

  • expatraveler September 16, 2007, 6:56 pm

    What an amazing day! Reminds me a lot of Granville Island and all of the markets they have to show. However, they don’t have any live animals at the market…

    I’m so happy you got to take so many wonderful photos!

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