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Sex, Cheese and French Fries

The subtitle is “Women are perfect, Men are from France.”  I think that sums up the book.  Carine Fabius writes about her relationship with her husband who happens to be French.  She describes how he is difficult and lovable rolled all up into one person. 

Below is a quote from her book which demonstrates this as well as where the idea for the subtitle came from.

Some people disagree with me on this, but I say relationships are work. That’s not a negative comment on how hard it can be to maintain your sanity when you live with someone who seems bent on driving you crazy. Work is not a bad thing. Most things worth having require time, energy, patience, and a good nighttime mouth-guard for all that teeth-grinding, and relationships are no different. But my husband is French, so I feel that puts me in a special category, as in, I have special needs. Why? Although I’m happily married, I have to say that the French can be…difficult? That question mark is not indicative of a real question. It’s more in line with that way we Californians have of inserting a question mark at the end of any statement because the speaker seeks your agreement? In any case, it’s true that the French are special, even though I admit that the more I hear women talk about their husbands, the more it seems we’re all married to a bunch of crazy foreigners.

She pokes fun at the artful and creative way her husband slaughters English phrases. 

“So what was the great deal with Robert again?”  He says.
“Great deal?”
“The good deal?”
“Do you mean the ‘big deal?’  I inquire.
He laughs and says, “Yes; are you going to put this one in the book, too?”

or just makes it interesting to have a conversation with him:

I come home one day and Pierre tells me that one of our neighbors called.

“She said that her dog had poopies and wanted to know if we want one. I told her I would check wiz you but that I had big doots on the subject. I am sure Antoinette [our dog] will get very jealous and it will hand up being a big drama.”

It was interesting for me to read in detail about another American woman and her life married to a French husband.  There are points in the book I found myself nodding with a smile thinking, “Oh, my!  Vilay does the same exact thing.” 

I enjoyed the book.  I didn’t put it down once I started reading it and finished it in a day. 

It is an easy and humorous read that made me giggle throughout.  Carine Fabius is insightful and intelligent in her descriptions and stories about her French husband and the French in general.  She does so with humor and pokes fun in a light carefree manner.


Sex, Cheese and French Fries website

She designs hand made jewelry

Pascal Giacomini (the French husband) is an extremely talented artist

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  • Julie April 15, 2007, 2:55 am

    I like that poopies part. lol

  • Pumpkin April 15, 2007, 10:56 am

    I thought it was cute, too!

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