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Big Red HAapPY

Instead of building categories or writing a very interesting post for my blog – I got sidetracked by Spell with Flickr.

If you are bored or just would like to be sidetracked from your normal course of events click on over to Spell with Flickr and have a go at it. Insert any word into the bar that says type here beside it and click on the spell button.It searchs Flickr for each letter to make the word or words. You can then click on each letter that you want to change or simply refreash the page for a whole new look.I found it very amusing and addictive.

I ‘ll show Angel Girl when she comes this summer. I know she will love it. She is getting to the age where girls practice writing their names a zillion times all over pieces of paper for hours at a time.

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  • Tongue in Cheek Antiques February 13, 2006, 3:21 pm

    Now fancy that! No more cutting out of magazines! Sidetracked is another word to cut out! Thanks for the tip! More importantly; I like the new look and layout!! Three Cheers for the new “curtain” in the French window!

  • Pumpkin Pie February 13, 2006, 6:57 pm

    I am happy you like the new French window. I am still working on it and am sure I will never have it done…that’s just the kind of person I am :)

    I get bored too easily.

    Maybe, that is why I love having four children. No boredom what-so-ever.

  • christina February 13, 2006, 11:05 pm

    Isn’t it fun? My kids love playing around with it.

  • Pumpkin Pie February 13, 2006, 11:11 pm

    I like it too and spent ohhhh about half an hour playing.

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