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Small town…big minds

Coretta Scott King sums up why I enjoyed getting my teacher certification at Antioch University’s McGregor School. It is, also, one of the reasons that I like Yellow Springs. People in Yellow Springs aren’t afraid to question or think outside of the box. The people that live in Yellow Springs are open to the world and tend to see issues from more than one side.

Here is Coretta Scott King’s thoughts on Antioch College which I found here.

I went to Antioch College in Yellow Springs, Ohio. Antioch College, as you probably realize, is a college that teaches people how to have a world view. All races and religions were represented there, and it was an excellent education. I had a very broad background in liberal arts, and I had work experience as well. Antioch was about making change in societies, about social change, which was preparing me at that time for the role that I would play later in life.

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  • margalit September 21, 2006, 6:47 am

    I graduated from Antioch, too. And it was an amazing place to go to school. I think it made me a much better, more accomodating person.

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