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Snow Day!

We officially have snow in Strasbourg, France! My mother told me yesterday that it had snowed in Ohio. Great. She just HAD to share the snow, right!

Really, I am happy to have snow. As I opened the shutter in the girls room this morning I saw a light cover of white on every roof and tree. Little Bear and Petite Clown stood on the kitchen chairs and watched the snow and birds with great wonder and happiness. Everything is so much more meaningful out of the eyes of children.

Last year the workers trimmed the nobby trees just outside our window. In France the trees are cut in the same place every other year to keep them from growing to bushy. The branches end up having nobbs at the end of them. The trees look like they are shaking their nobbing fists at the sky. I think it looks very mediavel and romantic. I don’t know why but it just reminds me of trees out of a storybook filled with castles and knights riding on great white horses. Yes, I did daydream alot as a kid and still do. Seriously, the trees are nothing like trees back in my old life. It is very beautiful now to look out my favorite window and see the roofs dusted with snow and the trees shaking their fists.

La France est tres, tres belle. Je voudrais porter cette image avec moi tout ma vie. Les arbres qui secouent leur poing au ciel.
France is very, very beautiful. I would like to carry this image with me all my life. The trees who shake their fists at the sky.

Little Bear calls the trees “poor tees.” Because she stood watching out the windows as the workers cut each tree. Her face was all pouty and sad as she said it the first time, “Ohhhh, laaaaa. Poor tees. C’est mechant. Look, Mama! Tey cutter ma tees.”

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