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Snow Dazd

The snow looked scary enough at first coming down in huge beautiful flakes covering everything in a thin blanket. However, it was all a front and nothing is left to show for it except for these pictures I took.

So, here are some pictures from my french window of the second snow fall of the year. Yes, that is how I got the name for my blog! I love looking out the windows of our apartment as I type out my posts. And, in France, it is not uncommon to see people sitting, smoking or just looking out of theirs. At first, it bothered me walking under a window with someone resting inside it watching all that was going on in the street below. Now, I have to admit I look out my window often spying on all the people going up and down the street. I don’t actually open the window. I simply peer out usually with a baby or two pressing their noses on the glass as well. They love to watch the many dogs that get walked on our street. Hence the doggy doo left like little traps waiting for unsuspecting shoes!
It is very interesting this watching out the window. I feel like I am spying, but I am sure that for the French it is completely normal. It is me, the American, that has to change my way of looking at things. Americans don’t really hang out of the windows of their home to watch. Nope! We just pull out a lawn chair and sit with a beer in the front yard. How very romantic.

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