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My son and I snuggle close rubbing our noses together.

It is our game. I used to play it with all three of his sisters until they got to old for it.

He lifts his head back and puts his hands over his eyes and says loudly, “Peak-a-boo!”, as he uncovers his eyes.

Stopping suddenly, he tells me to wait as he scrambles out of the bed. He runs from my room to his quickly returning with Buzz Buzz, his bear.

Buzz buzz

After climbing back into my bed and pulling the covers up over himself, he takes Buzz Buzz by the paws carefully pressing them against Buzz Buzz Bear’s eyes before exclaiming peak-a-boo as he lets the paws drop. Afterwards, Boy Blue laughs so loud I am afraid he will wake his sisters up in the next room.

Every night, my son and I share alone time together. The routine is the same each night. I tuck his sisters into bed and he follows me to my bedroom refusing to get into his own bed. He snuggles with me whispering into the darkness or playing a game. When his eyes start getting heavy, I carry him to his bed kissing him and Buzz Buzz goodnight.

Last night, I tucked Boy Blue into his bed like always. He held up his arms to give me a hug. He stroked my hair out of my face and looked into my eyes. “I love you”, he said. It was the first time he has said it without me saying it first. He, then, rolled over pulling his covers up to his chin with Buzz Buzz tucked securely under his arm. He is my big boy. He is no longer my baby.

“I love you”, I whispered back wondering if he weren’t already asleep.

I know my snuggle time is limited before he decides he is too big to snuggle with Mama.

I am enjoying it while it lasts.


When I returned from tucking in Boy Blue to watch the news with my husband, a thunder storm was rumbling through our mountains. It is the first storm this year. It is Spring.

As I type this, I have my window open and can smell the freshness of the air as it fills our apartment. The birds are singing in a tree nearby. It looks like it is going to rain again today. I don’t mind.

It is time to make lunch. Vilay comes home to eat with us on Fridays. It is a nice kick off for the weekend.

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  • Penny April 11, 2008, 2:36 pm

    What a sweet post – enjoy those little boy snuggles :)

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