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Spiders beware…of Sweet Bear!

The other day we were sitting down to lunch and began talking. Sweet Bear was eating her corn. I told her not to just eat her corn. She needed to eat her meatloaf and noodles as well. My kids love to eat corn. I have to watch or they will steal the corn right off each others plates.

Boy Blue is as American in his love of corn as his sisters. He went around the table to each of his three sisters screaching for some corn and if they didn’t give him a piece he would reach up and pull it off the plate onto him and the floor.

While heading off more corn catastrophes caused by Boy Blue, I explained to Sweet Bear she had to eat everything on her plate to be healthy. It is important to eat lots of different things and not just what we like the most.

Sweet Bear promptly told me that she was a good eater. She had eaten a spider just before lunch. I sat there trying to decide if she had really eaten a spider or if it were simply another one of her stories. I asked her why she had eaten the poor spider and if it were a big spider. She laughed and told me the spider was teeny tiny.

Why did my Sweet Bear eat the teeny tiny spider? Easy! It had gotten onto her finger and because it wouldn’t get off, she ate it.

I shall never know if she really ate a spider or not. However, I have a feeling that she is not a “Little Miss Muffet” kind of girl.

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  • meredith July 14, 2006, 5:31 pm

    Hahaha, that’s so cute. Just a little extra protein…

  • Julie July 15, 2006, 4:01 pm

    I love that!!! This one little kid I heard about ate a cockroach. She just picked it right up off the floor!

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