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Spring weather kind of day

Our family took it’s usually Sunday stroll, yesterday.

The weather was like spring. We had to take our coats off as we walked. The warmth of the sun thawed away our winter blues. I have loved winter here in the Jura but am ready for warmer weather.

I miss walking every day. With the cold it is hard to walk with the kids because they complain they are cold the whole time.

Le Noirmont
I took this photo out of the train window as we were about to enter Le Noirmont. We switched trains to go to Les Bois (link is to community website in English) which is currently where we enjoy walking the most.

Les Bois
A barn on the side of the road we were walking on.

The big blue sky was beautiful.

Near Les Bois
We had a view like this most of the time.

Les Bois
I would love to own a house like this with flowers in the windows.

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