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Emmie giving me love eyes. She loves her Mama!

I was thinking about how bitchy I have been since moving to Switzerland (in regard to my neighbors).  I think that perhaps…no surely…I could have handled all the situations in a better manner.

However, I carried inside me all these stereotypes of what the Swiss were (from reading) and what the others weren’t (from what I thought they should be) and what I was (from my experiences in life – mostly the US).

I think most of the issues in an expat’s life steam from stereotypes.  Not really the stereotypes of what others may or may not have of you or your nationality but YOUR stereotypes regarding your new country and the people that share it with you (nationals or other foreigners).

I would like to move beyond stereotypes.  I want to see people for who they ARE.  Not what I think they should be.  I have always tried to do this but I am human.  I often fail.

From now on, I will do my best not to fail.

Hello, my name is Tracy and I will try to see you as you are…You really are.

Not as the current stereotypes tell me to see you.

However, I make no promises.

Stereotypes are worthless and for the most part ugly.

Have a happy weekend no matter where you are from and where you have been…AND, where you need to go.

Life is a journey of learning.

Actually, I think that this could be applied to everyone whether or not you live in another country. Stereotypes are not limited to just those that live out of country. Stereotypes (sadly) are for everyone…Everywhere.

*I put up a picture of my cat because she loves me in spite of the fact that I am not covered in beautiful fur like her.

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  • anne March 19, 2010, 5:38 pm

    I think we could all fall into that trap! I really try hard not too!

    I read somewhere the other day , that people in France and Italy think that the British are so rude and the Americans are not. That we are unfriendly.

    Brits can be ignorant but so can other cultures. What annoys me with Brits is when they don’t make an effort to try the language, to try the different foods etc.. why bother going abroad.

    Some British live in a blinkered world, not all of us. They are certainly closed. They shut themselves off.

    I like you… You are Tracy with the wonderful family, the wonderful blog and with lots of friends. :-)

    • Pumpkin March 20, 2010, 8:27 am

      I think that is interesting because the English I have met in Switzerland seem to speak French better than the Americans I have met (including myself). I did have one English woman snicker during an interview when the hiring manager said to me that since I was American he knew I spoke English (where she snickered) but he needed to know how well I spoke French. I figured she was just not very nice. I actually thought about you and how you would have not liked her too! lol

      I think most of the Americans that aren’t open to other cultures just stay in America since it is too far and expensive to bother visiting all those other countries over the pond. ;)

      You are one of the most open and sweet people I know and I am sure there are many English like you. :)

  • sev March 19, 2010, 6:51 pm

    you may not have beautiful fur but you do have a beautiful mind :-)

    • Pumpkin March 20, 2010, 8:28 am

      Thank you, Sev. :)

  • Frédérique March 21, 2010, 12:15 pm

    When I was twenty (long time ago), I spent a couple of months in the US, to improve my english. The people I met there were really friendly and curious about other cultures (although or because they hadn’t travelled a lot outside their huge country). Thank you trying not to have stereotypes about people who live in Switzerland :o). I would say, like Sev, that you’re open-minded and great. Have a nice week-end with your family !

    • Pumpkin March 22, 2010, 10:18 am

      I have grown so much as a person since moving out of the States. I really believe that everyone should live out of their own country (and language) for at least two years if not three.

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