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Stomach flu is so much fun. NOT!

Our family has been down for the past few days with the stomach flu (viral gastroenteritis).  It all started with Boy Blue and lots of clothes washing by Mama to clean up what was coming out of both ends.  Fun.  fun.  fun.  Let me tell you.

Then, Sweet Bear started Sunday night and Petite Clown in the wee hours of Monday morning.  Needless to say, Mama got no sleep to speak of.  Later Monday morning Mama and Papa got hit with the nasty virus.  And, my father’s wife got it last night.

I am still not feeling well and came home after only two hours of work.  Once I found out that they didn’t need me because of overstaffing I was relieved that I didn’t have to count the seconds until 4 p.m.  I had went in at 7:30 a.m.

Last night, Sweet Bear started crying from the baby bed that she and Petite Clown are sharing.  I went to her to cover her back up and check on her.  She told me that the room was big and moving.  She was afraid.  I think the virus was making her feel as if she were drunk and she couldn’t understand.  At four years of age she couldn’t understand that the virus was the reason she was “seeing things” any more than she could understand that it wasn’t the chocolate cake she had after dinner Sunday that made her sick.  She still thinks it was the cake. And, she still thinks it was monsters that made the room big and made it move.  She slept with us all night because she was so afraid.  I felt bad for her and there was nothing I could do to make the room be normal again.  Vilay told her to keep her eyes shut.  He is more practical than I am.  I was explaining why she felt that way and babying her while Vilay goes for the simple solution which was the best solution.  Once she kept her eyes closed and was in our bed she fell fast asleep.

Monday morning was spent doing laundry.  In spite of being so sick I could barely move, I had to wash all the bed clothes due to one child or another vomiting on one blanket or another.  At least by last night, Vilay and I had a sense of humor in regard to the whole sick mess.  Boy Blue was trotting through the kitchen and burbed really loud and that wasn’t all that came up.  I changed his shirt and cleaned up the floor.  Not half and hour later, he is bouncing through the kitchen again and out of no where he vomits again all over the floor and himself.  Vilay takes care of that mess.  Boy Blue does it again in the kitchen and then later that night all over my leg. 

It has been a tiring battle of trying to feel better and keep all the germs under control.  So far, so good.

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  • Wendz December 19, 2006, 6:40 pm

    Oh it’s awful when everyone is so ill. I feel for you. I hope you’re all better for Christmas.

    Have a Happy one Pumpkin.

  • Alison December 19, 2006, 7:43 pm

    Oy! Get better soon!

  • Cathy Y. December 19, 2006, 9:51 pm

    Pumpkin, so sorry for all the sick problems. It is so hard when even one kid is sick much less the whole family! I understand how Sweet Bear feels thinking it was the cake that made her sick. There were some things I ate before getting sick as a kid that I still won’t eat anymore, even though it was really the virus that made me sick!

    About her feeling that the room was moving, have you considered that she might have vertigo symptoms? I’ve had this before and it is scary and can make the nausea worse. It can happen for various reasons and I’m not sure if it could be related to having a stomach bug also, but maybe it could. You might do a search on vertigo on the internet and see what you come up with. Even as an adult it was “scary” to me, so I can understand how she might feel! Hopefully it will pass with the virus passing, but if it keeps up, you might want to give her a child’s dose of motion sickness medicine that you can get over-the-counter in the pharmacy. That’s the kind of medicine they treated me with for it.

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