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We had our first real storm of the year last night. As the rolling thunder and grey skies fell upon our mountain, I thought of family.

I remembered that as a child my parents, my brother and I would all sit on the porch watching one storm or another play out before our eyes.

I can still see that old covered porch on Plum Street.  I know so well the chipped white paint and spider webs in most every corner.  My brother and I would spend hours watching the spiders work.

The wind from the storms would blow through the screen windows with such a terrible force.  We were all together with the dark clouds brewing over us and lightening striking all around us.

I wasn’t afraid because we were all close and safe sitting on that porch warmed by our own laughter and stories.

My family has come together once again to face another kind of storm.  It seems to have passed with only a few black clouds lingering on.

These should soon vanish as well.

I sometimes wonder what my children will remember about our family when they are grown and have their own families.

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  • expatraveler May 30, 2010, 5:01 pm

    Lovely pics! Your son is getting so big and changing so much, love it! Fingers crossed for clear skies for your family! Mine has vanished now… Oh and I got a new job.. :)

  • Pumpkin May 30, 2010, 5:21 pm

    I am so happy that your father is better. I know how hard that is. About the job…super awesome! I know that is a big relief for you all. :)

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