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Strasbourg is a wonderful city to get moving in

Strasbourg is a very active city. You will find people walking, riding bikes and enjoying many other outdoor activities. Not only are the people in movement but Strasbourg is constantly under construction (so to speak) with one new building after another being built, rebuilt or upkept. The first spring I spent in Strasbourg I was amazed at the activity going on all around the city.

No matter what activity that you decide to partake in, Strasbourg is the perfect city to do it. Beauty and history are found at every corner along with modern conveniences and style. If is a pleasure to stroll around the city discovering Strasbourg on foot or to visit many of the shops finding unique and beautiful items. You can rent a bicycle, ride the tram or bus to explore the city as well as take the train or bus out of Strasbourg to visit surrounding villages in Alsace or Germany.

Strasbourg most certainly is a city “en mouvement“.

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