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Straying and returning

I strayed over to social media websites.

I found nothing special.

I returned to blogging.

Because…Well…blogging is social media in the most pure form….NO?

I think so.

I, also, think that bloggers that were drawn into sharing their voice with social media sites will find that it is best to share from home.  

Home being your blog.  

You, then,  post the URL of your post onto all those other “social media” sites.

Why sell yourself out?  Your voice belongs to you…Doesn’t it?

Thought so!

My second oldest daughter wants to sing professionally (just as her oldest sister did).  Funny how my very bad singing can influence my children to aspire to higher hopes.  :)

I told my daughter, M (age 8), that if she can sing gospel she can sing anything.

This has always been one of my favorites…. :)
Enjoy. This guy is great with his ukulele.

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  • Pumpkin December 20, 2010, 1:58 pm

    Blogging for me was always about speaking from my heart and sharing and connecting…It was a record of LIFE. My life and the life of others…Like a big giant spider web. If that isn’t beautiful…What is?

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