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Sunday walk in the snow

Yesterday, we decided that we were tired of not being able to take our Sunday walks because of all the snow. We went walking in spite of the Franches-montagnes being buried in snow for over four months. It turned out that the snow wasn’t hard to walk on even in the forest as long as we stayed on the ski trail. 

We took the train to Saignelegier. Then, we walked the long way (Vilay got us lost) to Le Bémont which turned out to be a beautiful walk in the forest.   Getting lost isn’t always a bad thing.  Afterwards, we took the train to Les Bois to buy bread. We love the boulangerie (bakery) there. Unfortunately, the boulangerie had only closed five minutes before we got there.

Large chunk of snow slipping off of a roof

While Vilay was taking a photo of this massive chunk of snow and ice hanging off the side of a roof in Saignelegier I happened to look up and see another one right above our heads. I called to the children and Vilay to move and just as we were all walking away part of it fell not far at all from my son. I can still hear the sound of the snow sliding across the roof before it fell. I have never heard that sound before but now I know it for the rest of my life. We will not be walking under rooftops until all this snow is melted!

Avalanche warning sign

Some of the residents of Saignelegier took it upon themselves to post warning signs for the falling chunks of snow from rooftops. The homemade warning sign in the window reads, “Avalanche”. 

Farm covered in snow

A snowy farm near Saignelegier, Switzerland.


I took this shot while we were wading through snow up to our knees in order to get to a ski trail. It only lasted about five minutes but it was a great workout while we were getting through it.  The rest of the walk we spent on the ski trail or road.  

Walking trail


The family

Vilay and the kids up ahead of me on a cleared trail for cross-country skiing, walking and horseback riding.


Snow falling from the trees sounded like rain. In the photo above you can see the snow falling down but you may need to click on the photo to see it larger.

Covered sun

Most of the time the sun was covered by the gray sky. However, it was still a nice walk.


I pulled my son for a little while but then he wanted to walk.  As soon as he saw his sister getting into the sled he decided he wanted back in.  Stinker!  Not long after Vilay took this photo we stopped to sit on the snow and drink tea that we had brought along in a Thermos.


The snow was all the way up to the sign on the side of the road. This is a common sight in the Franches-montagnes for the last month. We have had snow on the ground for over four months and the layers are starting to really pile up!

Le Bémont

Vilay took this photo as we were walking into Le Bémont. We have never walked here before and would like to explore it more when the snow is gone. We were lucky and only had to wait five minutes for the train. It had started to rain and was getting cold.


Vilay in Les Bois while we let the kids play in the snow.  If you look in his sunglasses you can see my reflection.


My daugther and I have started posting on our photo project blog, Our Heart String, again.  Our post is up for this week and the theme is Messy.

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  • expatraveler March 9, 2009, 5:58 pm

    That is what your Sunday’s should be about, how wonderful!!!! This brings back great memories of some of the walks I had, especially even while visiting last year in the March snow. We woke up to snow today, not such a welcome sign today!

    • Pumpkin March 10, 2009, 4:12 pm

      We are getting a big snow storm right now. But, someone told me that spring is suppose to start here in three days according to the weathermen. This weekend should be super sunny and much warmer. Spring! J’espère!

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