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Sweet Bear photography

The computer.

Papa on the computer.

I found this a very interesting shot. She was taking a picture of her new umbrella’s handle but she got so much more.
The three musketeers.

She took a photo of me on the phone with my mom but I thought it was interesting how it turned out. And, I am not pregnate even if it looks like it. It is how I am sitting. So, don’t get all freaked out Mom. I am done with baby bearing…don’t worry.


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  • Lisa October 16, 2007, 5:34 pm

    Cute photos. Your daughter is quiet the photopgrapher!

    What are those metal looking shades in the third photo? Do they roll up and down? Do you have to open the window to access them? Do you close them at night for privacy or do you have curtains?

  • fleur October 17, 2007, 1:08 am

    She took some good photos! My little nephew used my camera this summer and I love his pictures — he went around taking blurry crooked pictures of his favorite things (mostly toys!)and his favorite photographs in the house, like his own baby picture. So sweet.

  • Pumpkin October 17, 2007, 7:55 am


    The metal shutters do roll up and down using a wand which is on the inside of the apartment on the side of the window. I leave one closed in the kitchen most of the day with just the tiny holes open for air so our neighbors in the other apartment building can’t see inside. I open all other windows during the day and close them all completely so that the little holes aren’t open at night for privacy. It can also insulate the apartment during really hot or cold days. It makes it hard for someone to break in if you are on a ground floor which we are not. I don’t know why in the States we don’t use shutters…either the metal rolling kind like we have or the prettier wooden ones that open and shut from the outside. Real shutters..not fake ones nailed to the side of windows…are very practical and the wooden ones are beautiful.

    I love how kids see things. Even my husband smiled when he looked at the photos.

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