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Sweet surprises

Life is full of surprises.
Luckily, there are more that are sweet than not.

Rain cloud

A huge rain cloud hung over a section of the sky.

Field of flowers

Our village is surrounded by fields of dandelions.


During our walk we had a light rain. Afterwards, a rainbow formed in the sky.

In Switzerland you find cows at the end of a rainbow

In Switzerland, there are cows at the end of rainbows. :)


Cows headed back to their barn.

Field of dandelions

Another field of dandelions. Yards are filled with them as well. In Switzerland, wild flowers are left to grow in yards where as in the States people dump all kinds of chemicals into their yards to kill them. I don’t understand why because the Swiss yards are beautiful full of dandelions and other wild flowers.

Baby cow

A baby cow.

Mama cow

Mama cow coming to the rescue! Horses keep their babies very close. You always know who the mother is. This is the first time I have seen a mother cow come to her baby to protect it. I made her nervous because I was standing close to the baby as I took a couple photos.

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