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Swiss cows in the Jura

And, a cat by the train tracks.

Happy Weekend, everyone!

My In-laws will be here at lunch time. They called last night from Goumois, France which is just at the Swiss border.  :)

She was interested enough in me to not walk away. However, she wasn’t ready to come over for a scratch either.

The smoke in the back is from a huge blast that went off. It scared the cows, my son and me enough that we all jumped before collecting ourselves. Of course, the cow walked away from me after that!

If you are a cow this is the place to hang out with all the other cool cows.

Almost always a cow at the edge of the horizon once spring hits. :)

Isn’t this cat just so fluffy you could snuggle it to death?

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  • expatraveler May 22, 2010, 2:40 pm

    What a lovely way to start the morning! Beautiful pics… I love the IF you are a cow pic, first cow pic and that fluffy cat, adorable!!! Hope you have a great time with the inlaws!

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