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Swiss pride

One thing that I like is that the Swiss do hang their flag out for Swiss National holiday.  Not only do the Swiss hang out their flag, they put it on many products in the grocery store in celebration of the Swiss National holiday…Even bread and mozzarella cheese!

If you live in Switzerland long it isn’t hard to find the Swiss flag all over this country any day of the year.  However, it is impossible to miss around August 1st (Swiss National holiday)!

I don’t know why…But, I like that.

Perhaps, it is because in America it is the same…with the exception of the flag being American and not Swiss.   ;)

Swiss National Day
The bread is bio which means organic. Organic products are easy to find in Switzerland and aren’t really expensive compared to the non-organic products.

Swiss National Day
I see two Swiss flags on top of the bread. Do you?

Swiss National Day
Most of the dairy products are made from Swiss milk. Actually, I don’t know that I have ever bought a dairy product in Switzerland that wasn’t.

Swiss National Day
We ate this for lunch a few days back and Vilay hasn’t stopped talking about how good the salad was.  It had cucumbers, bell peppers, tomatoes, and mixed lettuce in it.  We used our new favorite dressing which is basilic salad dressing.  

It was a refreshing meal on a hot day.  I think the fact that I put extra cucumbers in the salad is what made the difference.

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  • expatraveler July 28, 2009, 1:32 am

    I love that too. Last year Pascal brought me a water bottle with the swiss flag on it. It’s my favorite thing to drink out of and I proudly use it at work. :) Nobody else should have one…

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