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Swiss School girl

Yesterday, we went to a meeting between my youngest daughter’s teachers and her future classmates. I don’t know why but I felt more comfortable than I have ever felt around the teachers. My five year old is already in their classroom and her sister will join her in the same class this fall.

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My four year old colored the paper to make the pinwheel. Afterwards, one of her teachers put it on a stick for her. Once outside in the mountain breeze that little pinwheel took off. The children giggled like mad watching it.

Birthday party
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My five year old went to a classmates birthday party right after school that was held outside in the school yard. It was a beautiful day perfect for an outdoor party. It ended just as we were to come for the school meeting for my four year old which worked out great. The mother of the birthday boy gave each of my children a ballon to take home.

There are a small group of the mothers that I am very comfortable with now in spite of some cultural and language misunderstandings. I am now trying to be more aware of my body language and my manners with them.

In Switzerland, I have learned that people are extremely polite at all times with everyone. I had to brush up on my manners because as an American we are not so formal unless we are addressing complete strangers. So, I am constantly fighting myself to not be too informal which could offend someone or be considered rude.

I have to say that this group of mothers are always willing to lend a hand and I do appreciate it more than they know.

Near my daughters school
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On all sides of the school yard are fields with horses. My five year old told me that she loves her school horses. She has grown attached to them after seeing them the entire school year.

Waiting for the train
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Vilay and I snicker at the number of train stops in the Jura that have private seats.

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We just missed the train home by a few minutes and had to wait an hour until the next one. I was afraid to walk to long without a watch too keep track of the time. So, we ended up sitting a good half hour waiting for the next train. No way did I want to miss that one and have to sit another hour.

Good thing the wind was kind and the view was pleasant.

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  • expatraveler June 29, 2008, 3:30 am

    Oh wow – it must feel odd having two now in school. I just love your colorful pics! They are so beautiful… What a great day despite the wait.. I know that all too well from my last trip to Switzerland – it happened to me 2 times as I didn’t know the exact departure times of the trains.. Missed both by just minutes! or less….

  • might i add ... ? June 29, 2008, 6:54 pm

    Can you elaborate about “private seats” at the train station? The seat just looks sheltered from the wind in the photo…

  • Pumpkin June 29, 2008, 9:16 pm

    It was a great day that ended up being the start to a very nice weekend. It is the worst when you miss the train by just a few minutes, I think.

    Might I add,
    I was refering to the kitchen chairs that are set up in the train stops. We think it is cute that people bring their personal chairs from home to sit in. I have seen at least five stops with kitchen table chairs inside even if there are benchs provide as shown in the photo above.

  • Noelia July 1, 2008, 6:08 pm

    It looks like the perfect place for kids to grow up!

  • Pumpkin July 2, 2008, 12:42 pm

    The kids love it here! And, I feel much better about my girls teachers now that we have had a chance to get to know each other better. Their school has three huge rooms for only nineteen kids and next year there will only be fifteen.

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