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Switzerland equals home

We have decided to stay in Switzerland.

We couldn’t use Vilay’s pension as a downpayment to construct a house in France unless we were already living in France. We could wait for my French citizenship to arrive in the mail and move to France. Afterwards, we could build in France.

Yet, I think things happen for a reason.

We have decided to stay in Switzerland.

We will soon have the famous C permit which is for life (as long as you stay in Switzerland) and our current location is pretty much perfect in regard to getting around to other cities. So, we will save up like crazy over the next three years and buy a house or apartment here. In Switzerland. And, that makes us happy.

I worried about the long commute Vilay would have had to make from France to the city he works in. It would have been over an hour. Not to mention the kids. They were really upset about leaving Switzerland. I get that. In their heads, they are more Swiss than French or American. Switzerland is their country. It is who they are and to leave Switzerland scared them.

No matter where life takes us I know that we are blessed to have each other.
That is really all that matters.

Switzerland has been really good to us. We are grateful for the opportunities that we have been given. We are at home here.

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  • expatraveler April 6, 2012, 5:12 am

    I do think things happen for a reason and Switzerland is always wonderful in one way or another… Even if the best part is the view! :-)

  • Pumpkin April 6, 2012, 8:05 am

    I think that we decided to go back to France just to have a house. That wasn’t really for the right reason. It will take a little longer but we should be able to buy a small house or apartment in Switzerland after three or four years. We have found a smaller and much, much cheaper apartment in our village. After we move, it will make all the difference in how much money we can put back. Basically, we are going to try to live off of one salary and save the other salary each month.

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