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Taking it slow

I went over to my mother’s house today.  She filled the sponsor paperwork out and gave me her tax returns for the last three years to copy.  We have copied everything and will mail it all off Monday. 

At first I was nervous to be in my mother’s house.  We haven’t talked for five months.  It went slow in the beginning but by the time I had to go we were talking non-stop.  We even went back to her room and looked at old pictures of me, her and my grandparents.  We looked at pictures of my children and compared them all chatting about who looked like who. 

Mom made me laugh when she told me that Petite Clown has the same silly walk that I had as a three year old.  It is kinda like an old man duck walk.  Maybe, if Mom lets me use her camera I can capture it for all time.  Then, one day my grandchildren may watch it on this blog and laugh because one of them walk like an old man duck…whatever that is anyway. :)

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  • M@ January 20, 2007, 4:04 am

    Wow has it really been 5 months already? I’m glad all things heal with time. :)

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