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Taste of summer

Some of the places we have been the last week weeks have been Neuchâtel with my In-laws, Bern to get my notarized authorization for a replacement passport for my oldest daughter (we went to the American Embassy) and a few other places shown below and others that are not.

I have been busy getting ready for my daughters to start school and enjoying the last week of summer vacation. Monday the girls go to school and Vilay goes back to work. Summer break will be officially over. So, I thought it would be nice to share a taste of what our summer has been over the last few weeks.

Neuchâtel, Switzerland August 1st fireworks
Click to view larger.

Neuchâtel, Switzerland


smosch.com is one of my very favorite blogs. I take no responsibility for your clicking and the addiction you will no doubt develop for her beautiful pictures, words and great links.

Her blog is simply perfect.

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