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Terrible twos third time around and I am still hitting the floor before the bell rings

Even if she is my third round with the terrible twos, why is it that I am still ill prepared to deal with the disappearance of my sweet tempered baby? I do not want to face up to the fact that a completely irrational stinker child has replaced her. Where is my smiling Petite Clown?

I am in utter astonishment at the complete inability to reason with Petite Clown. And, why is every little thing a reason to whine and throw yourself convulsing to the floor where you kick and roll and slobber until your entire face is covered in tears and snot? I cannot even smile at her without her yelling, “NO!”

Another thing about the terrible twos…Petite Clown must tell me and everyone else at least five times that this shirt or pants or plate or cookie or picture or toy is hers.

Mine…mine….mine….mine with a Sweet Bear’s or Papa’s sprinkled in here and there is all you will hear as she walks through the apartment. She has never said that anything was Mama’s. I think she thinks everything that is used by me is on loan from some other person in the family.

When I was getting out of the bath today she pointed at my breasts and said, “Boy Blue’s!” Nothing, I mean nothing is Mama’s any more. Not even my own breasts!

Why oh why oh why???????

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