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The art of mooning

Last Night’s Full Moon
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Kids do the funniest things. We all hear it. But, only parents understand what those five words really mean.

While at school today Sweet Bear pulled her diaper off and showed it to another kid. They were on bathroom break and apparently the women that help the kids during this time were not happy. You all know Sweet Bear is against potty training and I have given up from pure exhastion. Besides I am out of rugs now from all her accidents!

Having a kid is like having a puppy. They get into EVERYTHING and DESTROY! They eat things they are not suppose to. For example, Mama’s yummy pills that the nurse prescribed her at the hospital because Mama has four children ;) My mother told me that I also enjoyed her yummy pills. They ruin your carpet by drawing on it or pooping or peeing on it. They rip the wallpaper off your walls. Oh, the list is to long to list here. Anyway,on Thursday Sweet Bear goes to the school in panties . Her teacher informed my husband that it is o.k. if she has an accident. I had to laugh. It is o.k. if she pees all over herself in front of her classmates but not o.k. if she shows her clean diaper to one kid in the restroom. Go figure! Let’s cross our fingers she has no accidents.

Angel Girl was a breeze to potty train. No effort on my part really. She wanted to be a big girl and wear pretty panties just before two years old. Great? Yes, until she, for no reason I can figure out to this date, pulled her pretty lacy panties down spun around and mooned the pizza delivery guy at the door! I was completely humilated to say the least. I am not a hillbilly or undereducated. I teach my children to say please and thank you. I try to educate them. I have a college degree in social psychology, ironically. However, my children will make me look like the biggest waste of a parent any chance they get! Life is like this.

Children just do and say the funniest things! It is just not so funny sometimes until after the pizza delivery guy has got in his car and drove away!

So, for all you people out there contimplating a child. BEWARE! There are no warning labels attached.

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