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The bet

Today I was reminded of a conversation I had with Vilay last year. We were discussing our move to Switzerland.

I asked him if he were sure about moving to the country of endless snow. He hates snow as much as I do did.

He told me that in Switzerland it didn’t snow more than in Strasbourg. I told him he was out of it or only saying that so that I would consider moving to Switzerland. I really hated snow.

I made a bet with my husband.

I bet that it would snow as late as Easter in the Jura. If not longer.

When I said snow, I wasn’t talking about powdered snow sweetly clinging to Spring flowers. We had that the other day. No big deal.

When I made the bet with my husband, I was talking about the downpour of snow that we are getting right this moment. On Easter weekend.

So, I won my bet. And, my prize is….?

Drum roll, please….

I get to dig for Easter eggs in the snow with my kids!

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