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The boxer got a strike

My mother’s dog, Roxy, was running through the living room at full speed. Roxy is a very muscular female boxer. She ran full speed right into me. Her head slammed with great force into my lower right leg. I fell to the ground crying out in pain. I couldn’t walk for two hours without limping. My leg still hurts so bad that if someone brushes against it, I whimper.

I have a love hate relationship with Roxy. I think she is sweet and loving. However, she is one of the most annoying dogs I have ever met. She gets excited to the point she can’t think.

Once she got out the front door and ran out into the road smack into the back of a moving car…yes, with her head. The car stopped immediately. The dog did not. She kept right on running and only stopped when we forced her back into the house.

She drives us crazy.

Last summer, Roxy plowed my mother over. She ran straight into my mother’s legs like a race horse. Mom went flying up into the air and landed on her elbow. Nothing was broken. Mom’s elbow hurt for a month.

Roxy is dangerous not because she is mean. She is not stupid. Roxy is simply like a thunderbolt. She is full of energy and you never know where it will strike.

The nice thing about Roxy is that she is a great feet warmer upper. Roxy loves to press her warm body as close to you as she can. She has pushed me right off the couch trying to get closer and closer to me.

She is special. You just have to love her in spite of the danger of being plowed over by her force.

Today, I saw her coming at me and stepped out of the way in a nick of time. I really am not up for playing the pin while the boxer uses her head as a bowling ball. No strikes for Roxy today.

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