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The break is over

Sweet Bear is back to school today after a two week vacation. That means Mama is minus one child for half a day four times a week. Mama break! I bet you can feel my smile of joy through the computer.

She woke up before 5:30 this morning. I could hear her footsteps pitter pattering across the hardwood floors and soon felt her climb into bed next to me. She laid restless for about 20 minutes before Papa’s alarm went off. I had her climb up closer in bed to me as we waited for Papa to get back from buying the morning bread. Yes, in France you get up and buy the bread each morning. It is kinda a pain but the bread is much better if it is bought the same day. Besides I don’t mind since it is Papa who does the buying.

Sweet Bear ate quickly and found her own clothes to wear for the day. She was very happy to go to school. She told my husband in French that today she is going to school because the school is not closed. In truth, it was a really more of a declaration than a telling.

We all got dressed and bundled up. After wrestling with the stroller all the way down the stairs we hit the pavement and off to school we went.

She skipped the whole way. She missed her friends and loves her teacher. I am happy that she likes school. Let’s keep our fingers crossed the the next two stinkers to enter school will like it as much as the two first.

Arriving at the school gate we waited in the cold with the other parents and children until I saw Sweet Bears teacher and nudged her in the gate. She didn’t need any pushing today as she ran to find her teacher and didn’t look back at me even once. She might as well have told me, “Who needs ya any old how.” Fine. Petite Clown, Boy Blue and I went back home in quiet. It is too quiet without Sweet Bears zanny laugh filling this small apartment.

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  • M@ February 27, 2006, 4:42 pm

    Hopefully that love of school will last. :)

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