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The Feds vs. Googled

Google and Yahoo! are tracking and storing information on their users for Contextual Ads (Google’s is Adsense). Cookies are used which provide Google and Yahoo! with IP addresses and much more.

As long as this type of information is tracked and more importantly stored for any length of time, it will be like candy locked in a candy store. It is only a matter of time before someone breaks in to get their hands on all the goodies.

Google’s locked door is already being shaken by the Feds. Feds have recently went after Google data. Google has refused to turn over the data but the fight is not over.

Should we give up our privacy to feel safer? All governments are corrupt in one form or another. This is what worries me. How will we know when our government leaders are doing what is really in the publics best interest and not their own personal interest?

If we are willing to give up personal information for security then how do we decide what information should be released? What is important and who decides?

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