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The mystery of search engines

If you look I have four counters on my blog right now. Not because I am obsessed with knowing who comes to this blog. No, I am just a perfectionist trying them all out to see which one I really like.

I got the pumpkin counter from Page Zone because it’s a pumpkin. “Enough said”, says Pumpkin Pie. As if you hadn’t figured that out, yet. It only counts unique hits which is more accurate in my opinion. So, if you come to my blog one hundreds times in a single day it will only count you once.

Most blogs use hit counters which count every single hit even if it is the same person visiting several times in one day. If a visiter leaves my blog and comes right back in, it is counted as two hits. Site Meter is one of these. This is one of the reasons I think it is popular amongst bloggers. It is all about numbers. The other bigger reasons are that it gives alot of information and is free.

I have even seen some blogs that list the number of comments received. Funny, I have read many blogs that have not so many comments and are wonderful reads. Dooce, who is the queen of bloggers, does not even have comments on her blog. Can you imagine if she did?

The ShinyStats counter is a very good one. If you are into showing off your numbers it is better than the pumpkin counter for ego boosting, but it only counts a second hit after an hour has passed. So, if a visiter comes back into your blog half an hour after hitting your blog the first time, it will not count. If an hour has passed since the first hit then it counts.

The counter that looks like kid blocks is one I got because it is cute. It is from Amazing Counters which has the largest selection of counters available that I have seen out there so far. It is a true hit counter like Site Meter. Each hit is registered every single time someone clicks onto your blog. The report is very simple. I haven’t used this one too long so can’t say much about it.

The part that interests me about counters is not the hits. I don’t really care unless I get big like Dooce and can live off the advertisements on the blog. That would be heaven. And, understanding my readers would help me in deciding which ads to place. Right?

Nope, for me it is because I am a nosey body and am curious as to how people find me. Several times a week I am amazed and amused by the search results that bring up this blog.

Here are some of the funnier searchs (if you are reading this and found me using one of these searches please don’t get your feathers up in a tuff. I am not making fun of you, but the fact that you found me with that search):

do I really love my husband – Sometimes I wonder myself. MEN! Can’t live with ’em, can’t live without ’em…or have we all been brainwashed to think so???

‘no “real” clothes’+’she walked down the street’ – Clearly a man searching for the girl of his dreams.

pulling skirt down street – He really needs help finding her!

girl having wet dream – Do nightmares about wet diapers count???

beautiful french women looking for american husbands – Yelp. But, you may have more success looking in a chat room or dating site. Google hasn’t started offering dating services, YET. I am sure they are looking into it since they are doing a little of everything now. Is it possible to find your honey on the internet? You betcha! I have heard many stories of people doing just that. Is meeting someone in a bar better? In all honesty, my husband found a beautiful American woman looking for no man whatsoever because she had a jerk of an ex haunting her…then, one day we bumped into each other in a French AOL chatroom because I always loved France and he always loved America. This is a love story to be shared another day…

restrooms in other countries – Can be very interesting, indeed.

bad dream missing things house – This is my reality.

my french teacher asked for pictures of french foods – I think I talk too much about food, don’t you?

favorite blogs – Flattery will get you everywhere with this girl.

french she -Did he mean frenchie?

french bed and bath words – mmmmmm, if the words came out of the mouth of my beautiful sexy Frenchman, it is just me dreaming (besides my husband and I are too tired for such play)! In my reality it is screaming French children taking a bath before bedtime. Damn those kids! I want to play.

french culture and laugh – Wrong blog, Superfrenchie can help you with that. Although since moving to France, I can say that I do indeed laugh more due to going from extreme stress in America to none in France! Maybe, that is why French women have one of the longest lifespans in the world.

my adjustment to american culture – still adjusting :p

american treated by french – quite nicely actually

“a french in america” – otherway around and you have moi

french for dumbies – Right on for this one!

greenbeancassarole – I have gotten the most hits for this one…go figure!

american wife, french husband, where to live? – In separate houses then he continues to see all your American habits as sexy not annoying. Or wait about five years then French husband will eat even pizza without a knife and fork…living on the edge isn’t he?

female french kick boxers – C’est moi. Don’t mess with this girl!

franco american and french bashing – My children bash my husband regularly

french clothes during christmas – yes, they are worn…it is cold in the winter after all

french singer short skirt – Oh, come on. This has to be a man, again.

my eyeball pops out – Believe me I know that feeling. It is a sinus infection. Go see your doc. If it really pops out join a circus or start a reality show.

oh my this clown is full of candy – this one is kinda scary isn’t it???

where will i spend my christmas in france – Strasbourg, of course! Christmas capital of the world!

How do you say my love in French – Mon amour en francais.

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  • Ann Spam January 27, 2006, 11:33 am

    Amazing your research on sitemeters!

    I use Site Meter. Free and good. I don’t know about the unique visitors thing.

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