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The perfect couch for perfect stinkers

Sweet Bear and Petite Clown

The girls at a park in Germany this past Sunday.

After school yesterday Sweet Bear told me she was tired and laid on the couch. Our couch is more like a family bed than a family couch. It is a futon and we never bother putting it up and just leave it down so that everyone can lounge around on it. Besides, when we do put it up the girls think it is perfect for playing circus. They perform the most amazing stunts on our futon I have ever seen. The only thing is we don’t have a safety net and when someone slips a cracked head is expected. Best to keep the futon down until company comes. Then, we put it up only for appearances sake. Can’t have company thinking we lay around all day in our pj’s watching tv. Can you imagine? We don’t lay around all day…at least not in our pj’s. We do have the decency to get dressed at least. It goes without saying that our futon is the perfect couch for a family of six.

Ducks in German park

Sweet Bear wore her cowboy hat all over the city.

Sweet Girl was not up to her normal getting into the fridge every half hour of the day until the evil Mama catches her and takes whatever she was snagging out of there away. Mean Mama can be heard in this house at least five times each hour. “Yes, I am the Mean Mama and you can go sit in your room for a while to think about how you were so lucky to be the daughter of this Mean Mama.” Afterwards, you have to write “I am so lucky that my Mama is so mean” one thousand and one times…not on the wall, mind you. So, there! Stinkers.

Petite Clown

Petite Clown is becoming a big girl.

You would think yesterday was a quiet day spent with a sicky child. You would be wrong. No, it was more like Petite Clown playing her favorite game of Trouble Magnet in full force kinda day. She is no longer the Poop Magnet since we don’t go to the park as often and the poop is too frozen to do any real damage if she does manage to fall, step or stumble into it. But, let me tell you if there is trouble to be found she’s a finding it. I have to rescue the bathroom sink at least 20 times a day. If I didn’t she would drown the poor sink in it’s own water. Can’t have that.

I, finally, got intelligent and locked the bathroom door from the outside. In America, I couldn’t have done that because the door locks are part of the door knob and only work from the inside. Gotta love these old skeleton keys the French still use. Why anyone would want to switch I don’t understand. Skeleton keys are very handy when you have little stinkers.


Petite Clown playing Houdini in the backseat.

Every time I asked Sweet Girl if she was hungry, she said no. She didn’t want to eat from the time she came home around noon until around 6 that night when Papa went out to get her a hamburger and coke from McDonalds. It was a bribe to get her to eat and it worked. I think she felt so bad that she didn’t want to eat and when she became hungry it made her feel worse. I knew from experience that she not only needed babied by Mama and Papa, but even better, she needed bribed. Bribed with something she loved so much she wouldn’t listen to her sicky tummy. She would eat a McDonalds hamburger at all costs (even to a sicky tummy) and I knew it. So, it was the perfect bribe to get her off the couch. Coke didn’t hurt either. All kids love pop (soft drinks or soda – for all you non-midwesterners).

sweet bear

Sweet Bear is all pinned up.

I can remember my parents giving me Sprite or 7-up when I was sick as a kid. My husband swears by Coke or Pepsi instead. Does he have experience in this matter? No. His parents never gave him pop when he was sick as a kid, but somehow somewhere he became the expert on the correct pop to be given to a sick child.

I asked Sweet Bear if she wanted chocolate cake (as a joke) but she told me, “Sweet Bear don’t want no chocolate cake. I want water.” I was thinking…Boy, maybe we better just head on over to the emergency room because this must be serious. The only other thing she would consider drinking was tea. She loves tea.


What? We were just rearranging the cans for ya, Mama. You know…making them all nice and straight, that’s all.

She felt like she had a slight temp. So, I gave her something for it and about an hour later she was up and running laps around the livingroom. Have I told you how much our neighbors living under our apartment adore our children?

It must of been a little bug that had bitten my Sweet Bear. She’s back today. On Wednesdays she doesn’t go to school. This morning, Petite Clown and Sweet Bear have gotten into just about everything there is to be gotten into. I guess Sweet Bear had to catch up from yesterday. She has, believe me, and then some. I’m happy she feels better.

Gotta go rescue the fridge from the two trouble magnets (little girls) a lookin’ for trouble.


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  • Wendy March 8, 2006, 3:07 pm

    My Mom always gave us Coke (flat) when we were ill with a tummy bug.

    BTW – don’t think we’re not stinking neighbours! My boys are the noisiest little sods – thumping around and yelling…but at least they’re in bed by 8.30pm and there’s silence until 7.30am. I have a problem with people who make a noise in the middle of the night – not at normal hours….that’s okay by me.

  • peepfrench March 8, 2006, 4:24 pm

    Nice pictures of your two little acrobats! Sweet Bear looks about the same age as “Emy”, my youngest and most (active) child. In fact, it’s taking me ages to even post this com because as I started typing it, I was interrupted by loud scrubbing/splashing noises coming from the downstairs bathroom…Emy decided to help me clean the potty with the toilet brush….So thoughtful :D!!

  • Pumpkin March 8, 2006, 5:20 pm

    Yes, Emy sounds just like my two stinkers…they’re always so helpful too. ;)

    Wendy, We keep our girls quiet at night..or we try to. Petite Clown has been waking up alot lately crying in the middle of the night. When she cries it is actually more of one endless very blood curling scream. I would hate us as neighbors too. :)

  • Alison March 8, 2006, 5:22 pm

    I got ginger ale when I was sick as a kid.

    Love the pictures of your stinkers!

  • D March 8, 2006, 9:42 pm

    Never a dull moment with your stinkers! =o)

    I was (and still am) a ginger ale (Canada Dry) or Sprite drinker when I was sick. Luciky, they sell both in France.

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