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The rest of that walk we took and the one through life that goes to quickly

It is already Sunday! Where did the days from last week scamper off too?

I recently realized the girls only have about four more months left of school this year. After summer, M will go on to second grade, C will start first grade and go to the “big school” with her sister and E (my son, my baby) will start Kindergarten. I will have no children left at home with me. It is a strange feeling to have all your children in school. I am not even mentioning A (my oldest daughter) that is taller than me now and such a beautiful young lady at fourteen.

Time passes by so slow when you are a child.  I remember summers would stretch off into forever with chirping birds and creeks that needed discovering.  As an adult, I find that summers slam to a halt far too quickly for me to properly soak in all the laughter and play with my own children.

They are already whining that they want to ride their bikes but there is still too much snow for that.  Soon.  Soon the snow will part.  One more month and then we will begin to feel that summer is coming.  We will take long walks before bedtime and enjoy longer and longer days of light.

This will be our last summer together before all the children are off to school.  Off into their own lives without me.  I do think that my son will have some issues going to school.  He has already informed me that he will cry “all the day long at school….FORT Mama…tres fort!”.

He got angry and stomped off to his room when I mentioned a couple weeks back that he will have his birthday in a few months and will be five years old.
A big boy!

He screamed from his room that he will not have his birthday and he will stay little forever.  As he slammed his bedroom door he added that he will NOT be a big boy but will stay LITTLE.

“I stay little, Mama”, he said with a tearfilled voice.
“I stay with you, Mama.”, he sobbed into his pillow as I came to him and comforted him.

I worry about him going to school. However, I know in my heart he will be fine and forget all about wanting to stay little forever. He will make friends and run off into his own life growing more and more independent.  Just like his oldest sister did because she too once told me she wanted to stay little forever.  Yet, she is growing up and enjoying her life that she is making for herself more and more.

Just as it should be.

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