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The trouble with four letter words

Every time Sweet Bear says frog it sounds just like she is saying another much more famous four letter word!

On those days when I needed a good laugh I prompt her comme ca.

Me: “Say frog.”
Sweet Bear: “Fruck.”
Me: “Say frog again.”
Sweet Bear: “FRUCK”

This continues until I am dying from laughter and she is saying fruck over and over giggling with joy to be such a clown! Each time that she says fruck so innocently and with such force, I can hardly contain myself!

My husband and I have lots of fun with this.

Hubby: “Is that my coffee?” (after I had asked him if he wanted coffee and he said no)
Moi: “You said you didn’t want any.”
Hubby: “I changed my mind.” (as he is taking mine)
Moi: “FROG YOU! C’est le mien. (It’s mine)”
Hubby: Frog you, too. (as he takes a drink out of it)
Moi: “Oh, FROG you one million times and forever! ” (as I sulk off to make more coffee for me)
I let him win because he gives great foot massages.
But, he doesn’t know that.

* I do try to correct her and repeat frog correctly just as many times as she pronounces it incorrectly. I am not that bad of a mother!

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  • David Morrison February 15, 2006, 10:21 am

    I think it has something to do with he ‘r’ sound that sometimes bedevils kids. There is a famous story about me at age….i dunno two or something when I could not say Truck but would instead say F….you get the idea. It caused great amusement to my parents until in an airport or some other very public space I saw a dump truck and announced “Daddy look a the big F…” :)

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