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There is light at the end of the tunnel

Day 16 of 365
Surfing the internet while waiting on my husband to get ready for the village festival.

Sorry, I have been neglecting my blog, e-mail and I even missed a day of 365 on flickr.

I have been adjusting to a new life schedule.

Since, I can’t find someone to watch my three children while I go to work I have started caring for a child so that his mother can go to work. She couldn’t find anyone to watch her son and asked me if I knew of anyone in the village. I told her that I had the same problem. After thinking about it for a few seconds, I offered to watch her son if she found work. She did about three weeks later. This past week was my first week.

Our village won’t have a daycare until next fall. In the spring of next year registration begins. Another mother told me that Sweet Bear and Petite Clown (who will be starting school next year) wouldn’t be accepted because they would need to be taken to the train station each day to catch the school bus and picked up when school was over. I was so depressed because it seemed I would never be able to work. The few people that watch children in the village only take one or two kids. They tend to watch kids a few times a week for half a day.

Last night, at the welcoming of new residents ceremony at the village festival, we talked to the mayor of our village. She asked us if we had found childcare for our kids or had any problems since coming to the village. We told her we couldn’t find anyone for our children and were upset that the new daycare which will be open next fall wouldn’t take children who were in school. She told us that wasn’t true. There will be transportation for children who are in school. Something will be worked out. Vilay and I had huge smiles on our faces upon hearing this.

I will be able to go back to work next year!!!

I love staying home with my children. I adore the child I am currently watching. Yet, I want to work. Unless, I create an online business I am not going to make enough money from home to save for retirement or buy our “dream house”. By dream house I am talking about a well built home with four to five bedrooms and a good sized yard. We are a family of six when Angel is with us. We need room.

I would have to watch at least six children (not including my three) to make the equivalent of a low Swiss salary of around 3000 Swiss francs (2560.27 US dollars and 1816.89 Euro) each month.

I can see myself taking in one more very calm child. However, I think that would be pushing it. Currently, I have to run my daughter and the boy I care for back and forth to school. They go to different schools. It was a little hectic one particular day because they go to school at exactly the same time. The problem is it is Sweet Bear’s gym day which is in the elementary school located in our village and not at her regular school which she takes a bus to.

This week, I had Sweet Bear wait for me at the gym (which is in the village) while I got him from the bus stop at the train station. Her teacher stayed with her until I came. I don’t know if her teacher would be willing to do this every single time.

So, I think I will have Sweet Bear start walking down the side steps of her school where I will be waiting. This is at the main road and I can see if the boy’s bus is coming. The train station is one block away. I’ll tell her to stay there if I am not there because I had to run to get him. I will still be able to see her waiting for me to swing back to pick her up.

I do not want her to cross this road without me.

Other kids her age do all the time but I am not comfortable with it. It is a small village but this road can get busy. Yesterday, as I was putting Sweet Bear on the bus I witnessed a women in a SUV back up into a pole that was placed at a cross walk. Hmmm…Perhaps, it is there to protect the children? The woman got out of her vehicle and said it was the sixth pole she has hit! The driver of Sweet Bear’s bus said “Several of these poles get knocked down when the snow comes…So, it is starting early this year!”

This worries me.

I am looking forward to the completion of the new daycare. I don’t want to leave my children with someone who watches kids from home. I want them to be in a school like environment. They will have a more structured experience and there will be lots of kids to play with.

I know I am watching a child from my home and I am taking great care of him. I treat him like my own children. I read to the kids (in French). We go outside several times a day. I talk to the kids about the things in the world. We make cakes together. We sing together in French and English. I do with him as I do with my kids but I am trying to be more structured about it since I started watching him.

The problem is I don’t think all people are like me. I wouldn’t want to leave my kids where I wasn’t sure they were being properly cared for.

In a year, I won’t have to worry. After living in Switzerland over four months now, I know this daycare is going to be awesome! One thing that is said about the Swiss that I found to be true is that when they do something they do it right. I, personally, would say that they do it as close to perfect as humanly possible.

I admire them for that.

They are, also, very social (there is always something going on) even if they are considered a little cold. I would say they are reserved. That isn’t a bad thing.

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  • expatraveler September 22, 2007, 5:51 pm

    I am so happy for you! I think I am jumping for joy as much as you are!!! Really that is such incredible news… And I know it will be great to be back at work again next year.

    Suggestions for the day. Structure. I’d say you need to have a semi set up time for paper/drawing/ art activities. Make something or try to plan something daily. Then there is the baking aspect and I would do 2 walks in a day. I did the morning art from 9 to 10, but 10:30 we would walk and get home by 11:50 to 12:30, eat lunch, then maybe nap or do some reading. 2pm was another walk and then we had play outside a bit later on.

    I’d recommend browsing the internet for some activities! It will help you say sane too..


  • Pardon_My_French September 23, 2007, 7:54 am

    That’s great news about the job, and I now understand your worries about childcare. It ain’t easy, I don’t think.

  • Pumpkin September 23, 2007, 2:23 pm

    Expatraveler, Thank you for all your great suggestions. I am going to set up a schedule for activities and a time for walking. We took a walk on Friday morning and the kids adored it. It is kinda hectic walking right now with all of them but they are getting more and more used to each other. There is a dirt road behind our apartment that is perfect because no one goes on it with cars.

    Pardon my French,
    Thank you. It sure isn’t easy.

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