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These restless nights

Two nights ago, Petite Clown kept a temperature around 100 to 102 all night. Yes, the temperature was in Fahrenheit from the thermometer I brought with me from America. Because, of course, I couldn’t find the Celsius thermometer I had purchased since moving to France and after having to explain to French docs why I had taken the temperature in Fahrenheit and not Celsius. I didn’t think about buying a thermometer in Celsius until after the first baby got a temperature. I brought the one from America so that I would understand for myself if they have a temperature since I am still adjusting to Celsius. With babies and temperatures I don’t mess around! I don’t want to worry if I understand Celsius enough to know for sure what temp is considered serious and what temp is not. I recommend all American mothers that are not completely comfortable with Celsius to have one thermometer in both Celsius and Fahrenheit. One for the docs and one for the Mama.

The two monster girls were playing with the thermometer in Celsius a couple weeks ago and all I could find was the plastic container and paper instructions that went with it. It most likely was thrown behind the armoire in the bathroom. These two are always throwing the things they are not suppose to have behind either the fridge or bathroom armoire when they hear myself or my husband coming.

I am still recovering from the last three nights lack of sleep. The first night was due to Petite Clown being sick, the next night was due to getting Angel Girl packed and everyone up and ready early the next morning so that Angel Girl could get to the airport on time. The babies must first be taken to the grandparents and then my husband comes back for Angel Girl and I. And, last night I could not sleep for wondering where in the sky or on the ground might my Angel Girl be.

Nashville is seven hours behind Strasbourg. So, by the time Angel Girl lands in Nashville and is home it is after 10 p.m. their time and 5 a.m. our time. Then, when I wake up in the morning it is around 8 a.m. our time and 1 a.m. their time. Luckily, she emailed me so that I don’t have to worry all morning until it is not too early there to call her to find out if she made it o.k. She, also, called my mother last night who called me this morning before she catches a plane herself to let me know that Angel Girl made it back. Angel Girl had told my mother that her luggage was lost in New York. I hope it gets to her soon. I know she will worry herself silly because most of her clothes (due to her over packing) are in that suitcase not to mention her Christmas presents and chocolate!

Well, now my life is back to being un-normal. It is un-normal to wait until my Angel comes back to me in June. Each day I will count down the days until she comes back to live with her French family and I will think of her every single day.

I miss her terribly already. I can still feel her close to me and I know that over the next weeks it will get harder and harder. Then when I can take it no more she will come again to stay for the summer.

Divorce is hard. I wish that no family would have to go through what we have. Unfortunately, there are many families that are separated from a child just like our family is. I think it is hard for everyone involved. It is hardest for the children. Angel Girl’s sisters have been asking for her already! I know her sister in America misses her when she is with her baby brother and sisters here in France. It is really hardest on my Angel Girl who is always missing either her family in France or her family in America. I really hate that!

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